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released June 20, 2014

Released on Raw Paw Records
Recorded and Mixed by Chico Jones @ Ohm Recording Facility
Mastered by Chris Burns @ chrisburnsaudio.com
Cover Art by Katie Rose Pipkin
Trumpet on Spring Forward: Claire Puckett
Cello on Quilt: Nick Gregg
Violin on Spring Forward (Ashe Acoustic): Ian Scott Stewart


all rights reserved



Hikes Austin, Texas

Hikes is a band of friends from Austin, Tx. Inspired by nature, and driven to meld their love of heavy, technical rock with folk

US Booking:
Greenbelt Touring


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Track Name: Spring Forward
I saw the forest for the trees
when the scales fell from my eye
and I hoped that spring eternal
but that river’s running dry
that was might nigh the night that I saw home
as a place that we can’t go
yet we row and row and roam
when will we wake up?

Where’d it go, where’d it go, where’d it go, sensitivity?
Daydreams displace me
Should we grow apart now?
Or do they save me?

Why can’t I wake up, intact
and see through to the other side.
Should I grow up? Or apart?
Fall back or Spring Forward?

Help me wake up
get back to my sensitivity!

Spring Forward!

The gray that makes green greener.
The gray that makes green greener.
Track Name: Tinker Creek
Out of the sedentary confines
I deem winter
comes the spring
“And, like the baseless fabric of this vision”
Willing to the wind
All the same; I’m different than I was just yesterday
That’s just nature told by nature
Reconciled in all but name

Yet there’s this looming fear
That something brings me to this place
And I trace with one eye shut
The only cloud in the sky
So one dimensional
The clouds keep rolling in
Until the time and tide pulled the sky to earth

We did this because we felt alive

I can’t spend my life naming stray dogs
Why do we get closer when we feel like we’re the owner?
It puts these clouds over my head
Can you begin to show me, my friend,
A means without an end?
Track Name: Chamomile
Sweet Spring Arkansas
folds the smoky chamomile into my cup of dusk
if I came home would you still tuck me into bed;
Sweet Spring Arkansas?

To you, my southern bell
ringing half a world away
you wake me from my wishing well
when you get home, won’t you come on back to bed;
you, my southern bell?

Cause when I’m all alone
I start to wonder where it is
that I should build my resting home
If you ever find a home, won’t you tuck me into bed;
Sweet spring wanderlust?
Track Name: Quilt
Rest is not idleness
I can’t rely on this
rut between waking and walk.
Just waiting in wingspan
too waxen to see that
my form follows function
but I was followed to my home
by the bluebird that carries
the sky on it’s back
seeking spring in succession
just to tell my winter bones:

“I see sage in your hands
and all your curves sigh like sand
but where there’s driftwood there’s land
where you’re driftwood I’m land.”

Rest is not idleness
You can’t rely on this
rut between waking and walk.

Sleeping through the stillness
of an autumn contour
all of it was made for play.

Lackadaisical you seem caught in between
two thrones draped in blankets
they’re for comfort not for warmth

And these forts that you call idols
are sitting idle in the past
small talk is not my forte
but I’ll speak about the weather for a change
cause I feel spring and better days.

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