by Hikes

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released March 24, 2013

all songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Hikes at The Cabin - Austin, TX

Mastered by Evan Kaspar

Shepherd's Clock recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ian Rundell at Raw Paw Studios

Released on Raw Paw Records 2013



all rights reserved


Hikes Austin, Texas

Hikes is a band of friends from Austin, Tx. Inspired by nature, and driven to meld their love of hard, technical styles with folk; Math-Folk.

US Booking:
Greenbelt Touring

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Track Name: Tattoo
What's that arrow? Doing under your skin?
Wounded wounded sparrow
Mahal ka sa akin akin akin

Bahay bahay kubo
Kahit munti anghalaman doon ay sari sari

Mabuhay tongue cut sparrow
Head on home to your kin your kin your kin

Learning to lead the line
Yearning to leave aligned

Nice to see you'll come out and find me
I'm a timely matter
Hunt and gather

Nice to feel a pinprick keyhole, sunshine
I might try to sing your wings right

Nice to see your face so unexpectedly warmth
Bringing season teasing

Nice to feel, the more it’s unsaid, i know
That all is fine

I just close my eyes

Just close your eyes
Mahal Kita
Track Name: Fall (Back)
Well I’ve been sleeping for days
On account of this haze
I’m amazed at the gray
Looming over this land
It makes me fray at the ends
Though I fletch to begin
Drawing back the bow of my knees
And yeah we asked for the cold
As we basked in the gold
And now it’s laid out in front of us
But all of us
Take back our word
Never seen
Never heard
But the world cycles yet again
And winter comes creeping in
Seeping in
Track Name: Shepherd's Clock
we was runnin through the fields of burnin dandelions
your mind is what i reside in
tilling up the garden of the gods that I owe because it's planted in my mind that i'll reap what I sew
I know

They turned from golden suns
To cream cropped moons
Shepherd's clocks swaying to the call of a loon they swoon at the sight, close up with the rain
and we channel wind wishin for their coming days

I am a golden son
a cream cropped moon
a shepherds clock swaying to the call of a loon
I swoon at the sight, close up with the rain
and you channel wind wishing for my coming days

I watched the trees get dressed in their sunday best
crying amber in the shade as they readied for rest
they say see me in October for the last of my breath
and I will see that you surpass another winters' attest.

You are a golden sun setting fire to the lone,
the places you have never been but still call home,
you are the birds flying south, are the rivers, are the seams of the quilt that warms kin clean
Track Name: The River Song
Floating down the river
Ease drop
On a couple chirping charming hymns
And black oaks bartering oxygen
My knees grow weak
Doe come to feed up by the riverside
And cutis ans(w)erina cooking up inside
I love it here
But I left it there
For the fall
22 on the buffalo blue
I dropped 25 on my tongue tip true

And I sink into the earth

I am trying to find a way
To take it easy like the trees sway
Gently in the breeze

“Turn on
Tune in
Drop out”

In the morning we woke to nimbus
But needless to say
It was Tlaloc’s set sights sacrifice
Suffice to say
I’m archaic in the way
That I am reborn
It takes a parergon
To lift my raft up off this riverbed
When we make it ‘round the bend
We can rest our heads beneath the

Curious cirrus
Dot the broken blue above
Now Ponca rest me
I’m in love
I’m in love

And the storm moves on
And the fawn grows fond
Because the grass grows long
Over the sap-sweet pond
As a humbled pawn
I sit to ponder dawn
And the list goes on
And the list goes

(“The happiness of the drop is to die in the river”)
Track Name: Patches
I cannot seem to
Let go of my leaves
But all of the other trees
Barren by the breeze
Get confettied with a luminescent foliage
Red and green

Always autumn
Always autumn

Blossom little diode
To flowers of the dead season
Hibernate behind the snowfall
Hear the old call
To the ode we call the new year
And I’ll be here
Where the dew runs, runs, runs, the dew runs, runs
Kissing your neck of the woods

I am

Always Autumn
Always Autumn
Track Name: Trophy Lives
Well it seems as if I’ve woken still
My earthy pores turn back to quills
I pluck them suave and dip them ink
And write the folklores missing link
When I said I
Don't look up to anyone
So they cannot look back down on me
I spoon-fed façades to the forks in my road
Left was my love
Right was my home
Now I take to the middle a private drive
With six-stringed willows drying warm like hide
I'm free range game for your license to feel
So feed your family with my will
But you better hang your head
As you mount my smile
The last of my giving is the last for a while
But I’ll smile
And I’ll think

Why can't it always be Spring?
Track Name: Ouachita
Blankets on the Ouachitas
And I watch it all
On the morning of Christmas

This is the last year
I will reside here

I’m headed for the southern shores
I couldn’t ask for more
Track Name: Tadpole
I never told you how I lost and found you
We was sittin in the wilderness
The bayou
Was callin for your body and profound
You suggested that we travel through the tides

Yeah we was swimming to the tempo of the river
We fell in love there
By the timber
And I know that you were just a mere tadpole
But in my mind at the time you were so much more

So I danced by the Buffalo under the moonlight
Hoping you would come before I went back to streetlights
Stops signs, yellow lines, bricks, and highways
And all the things that made me think you thought it was my ways

I don’t expect you to come home because
Its not my place
to call myself a home

well sure enough I took your advice
I packed my bags with my rags and my rice
I left my home
And left my friends
And righted my wrongs by writing my end

I know that you were just a mere tadpole
But in my mind at the time you were so much more
And when I came back in the spring
And saw you had grown
We looked at each other and together we knew
We know

our life’s just like
A river flow
Never gon’ stop get where we go (x2)

My life’s just like
A river flow
Never gon’ stop get where I go