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oh, Timothy
what has you in a bad way?
can you remember
in the backseats of Ouachita

covered in day
we were laughing at the void
with everyone that helped us reel it all in
and i hadn’t learned how

to be so reproved by
elapsing in jest

but now i’ve
half-passed naïveté
my scapegoat that tells me why I’ve ever fallen

are you still out there,
my friend?

It’s killing me to have this over my head
can you remember
on a bridge in Elyria
breaking the day
I was fighting off the fear of losing everyone
who reels me all in

and walking in plain sight
a lady who smiled in limbo with death
and she said,
“I’m well past naiveté
my scape goat that never helped me when I’d fallen. You’ll get past that fear,
new friend"

"but try not to fall in
what a situation we are in"

and she kept walking on down the street
the sentiment is all I ever need

oh, i’ll tell you what’ll make me have a bad day
when i can’t remember
the feeling of freedom in wasting away


from Lilt, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Hikes Austin, Texas

Hikes is a band of friends from Austin, Tx. Inspired by nature, and driven to meld their love of hard, technical styles with folk; Math-Folk.

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